Derbyshire German Shepherd Dog Club Championship Show 04.08.18.

Judge Mrs Suzie Barnes (Kintaro)
Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge this well run show, I had a lovely day with some lovely dogs to go over.

Veteran Dog 2-1Ab
1st Ramsden Mrs K
Jacobrad Shayne, 9 year old Long coat male, correct undercoat, upper med size, med strength, black and gold castrated male. Masculine head with calm expression and dentition good for age. Good length of neck into normal wither with good clean over line. Balanced angles front and rear, held his topline, easy side gait and sound away and back. A lovely sound veteran.

1st Veteran Dog - Jacibrad Shayne

Puppy Dog 2
2 lovely babies in different stages of development
1st Belfields Mr J Mrs S
Kassieger Hooch
Attractive top size, med strength, black and tan male of 16 months. Super masculine head, dark eye, excellent ear set. Good length of neck into high wither, straight back into slightly short lumber with well moulded croup of good length. Good depth of chest already but would like to see a little more length in loin to balance his proportions but plenty of time on his side. Upper arm slightly steep but of correct length with well-placed shoulder. Slightly short in his underline at the moment, excellent rear angles with good turn of stifle and not overdone. Good away and back with powerful side gait with good forward extension and drive. On the move showed a correct topline but on occasion whilst in stance he can be exaggerated and drops off too much in his topline and gives a triangular appearance. This is not his natural profile and when stood freely, looked lovely. Pleased to award him both Best Puppy and Res Best dog.
2nd Jeremy Mrs T
Iolanda Phoenix
6 month old baby giving so much away to the winner but showing lots of promise. Med size, med strength well pigmented black and tan male. Lovely head beautiful dark eye with correct ear set. Good length of neck into normal wither. Straight back and lumber into a well moulded but slightly steep croup. Good length and lay of upper arm with correct shoulder, good underline. Well angulated and sound rear on this youngster but has obviously decided he wanted to grow upwards first so at the moment is looking rangy but still only a baby. Sound away and back with easy steady side gait.

1st Puppy Dog - Kassieger Hooch

Junior Dog 1
1st Ramsden Mrs K
Jacobrad Highland Solice at Lorakecroft
6 Month old very dark long coat sable male, with correct undercoat. Good masculine head with the darkest of eyes, med size and strength with excellent feet. Straight back and lumbar into slightly short and steep croup. Super front angulation and balanced rear. Ok away and a little narrow towards, steady side gait holding his topline.
Also winner of Special Long coat Junior Dog.

1st Junior Dog - Jacobrad Highland Solice at Lorakecrost

Graduate Dog 4-2 Ab
1st Askham Mr L Miss K Ranshaw
Reyakosa Azon 3 year old large male, black and tan, good masculine head with dark but slightly round eye. Good length of neck into normal wither, straight back but slight dip at croup which is of good length. Good depth of chest, good front and balanced hind angle, feet not his fortune. Ok away and back with steady side gait, well handled.
2nd Barlow Mr B E Mrs O
Olygayans Ra, 23 month old med size and strength black and tan male. Would like a stronger head and darker eye, ears are a little wide set but firm. Teeth could be cleaner for his age. High wither good overline with well angled croup. Slightly short and steep upper arm but shoulder well angled, good hind angulation but was a little difficult to assess in movement. Would like to see firmer away action. Unsettled on the move.

1st Graduate Dog - Reyakosa Azon

Limit Dog 2
1st Smith Mrs I Miss S
Portnall Elrick at Sarocal
Top size 2 ˝ year old masculine red sable male, this dog improves each time I see him. No mistaking his sex, masculine head, dark eye, firm ears. Normal wither, correct topline, slightly stretched in loin but flowing into a well angled croup. Super front angulation with well laid shoulder of good length. Correct depth of chest and well angulated hind quarters with clean underline. Has the most fabulous feet too. Good away and back, takes time to settle on the move, needs to get his brain in gear at times but when he does he has a super free flowing side gait. Pleased to award him both Best Dog and Best of Breed.
2nd Sibsons Mr M
Kassieger Fonz
Upper med size and med strength 5 year old black and tan male. This is another nice male but lack of training goes against him. Really made his very capable handler work hard to present him today. Masculine head, dark eye. Normal wither, good topline just a little short in loin into slightly steep croup. Slightly steep in upper arm, good shoulder. Enough angulation to balance his profile. Away and back was difficult to assess but his side gait showed good forward reach and drive.

1st Limit Dog and Best of Breed - Portnall Elrick at Sarocal

Special Long Coat Open 3-1AB
1st Askhams Mrs L Miss K Ranshaw
Sylcarrs Sabre at Reyakosa
Very handsome, med size and strength Red sable long coat male with correct under coat. Lovely head, correct stop. Coat in beautiful condition too with good pigment, Correct topline croup could be better angled. Good feet, lovely balanced male with nothing overdone. Good away and back but could show better forward reach and drive as his conformation would suggest, tail carriage can distract from an otherwise well kept topline.
2nd Jacobrad Shayne

1st Long Coat Open dog - Sylcarrs Sabre at Reyakosa

Open Dog 3
1st Conoly Mr A Mrs S Young Mrs S Seymour
Samphills Barum
Upper med size, med strength 4 ˝ year old black and tan male. Masculine head, dark eye , slightly long in muzzle. High wither, strong back with slight drop at lumbar, long well angled croup. Good upper arm and shoulder with correct depth of chest, well angulated rear, feet ok. Ok away, slightly close coming but making handler work. Side gait showed good forward reach with excellent drive.
2nd Kassieger Fonz
3rd Barnes S & K
Bundaberg Renzo Vom Equiside

1st Open Dog - Samphils Barum

Veteran Bitch 4
4 very nice veteran bitches and beautiful examples of the breed.
1st Belfields Mr J Mrs S
Kassieger Rianne
Upper med size, med strength beautiful female of 9 ˝ years young. Classic head with dark eye good clean dentition for her age. Correct wither in to a lovely clean overline with well angled croup. Good upper arm and shoulder with well balanced and well angulated hind angles. Feet ok and a little down on her pasterns now but easily forgiven as she is in such super condition for her 9 ˝ years. Ok away and back and still showing a free and easy side gait with good extension and drive.
2nd Williams Mr K Mrs S
Gazjackhof Gypsy
Correct size well off for bone rich red and black long coat female of 7 ˝ years. Feminine head and dark eye, would like better ear set but ears used well today, good dentition for age. Good length of neck into normal wither, good strong back, croup could be better angled. Fabulous feet, lovely front angles, slightly short in 2nd thigh but good turn of stifle. Good away and back with strong side gait.
3rd Wades Mr A Mrs J
Julianti Alayna

1st Veteran Bitch - Kassieger Rianne

Puppy Bitch 3-1A
1st Belfields Mr J Mrs S
Kassieger Harper
Feminine youngster of correct size, med strength black and tan female, strong but feminine head, good ear set. Correct wither into a good length back, slight dip at loin but with a good length and lay of croup. Feet not her fortune but these can improve. Good length of upper arm and well laid shoulder with correct balanced hind angles. Good depth of chest, correct underline. Slightly close away and would like to see a little more positive behind but again this has time to develop. Her side gait showed good forward extension and drive.
2nd Hopkin Mr P Miss C Bloor
Marinita Catarina
Really liked this youngster and thought she would be my class winner. Sadly she has not had much show training so was a rather reluctant show girl today, I am judging the dog on the day and not what I hope they can do in the future but with some training I am sure her placing’s will improve. Correct size, med strength 9 month well pigmented black and tan female, lovely dark eye and well set and used ears. Good wither into a slightly long back but strong, straight lumbar, good length of loin, slightly steep croup. Good feet, she presented a lovely balanced outline coming from well angled front and rear. Sound away and back but sadly lacked both extension and drive that her conformation otherwise would suggest. This cost her the class.

1st Puppy Bitch - Kassieger Harper

Junior Bitch 1
Askhams Breeze
Med size, lighter boned Sable female of 14 months. Feminine head with nice dark eye and good ear set. Very sweet natured youngster, normal wither into correct clean overline. Slightly short and steep upper arm and shoulder slightly forward placed. She has a good turn of stifle but a little short in 2nd thigh. Steady and sound side gait but a little close away and a tad narrow towards. Very feminine.

1st Junior Bitch - Reyakosa Breeze

Special Long Coat Junior 0

Graduate Bitch 6-3AB
1st Barlow Mr B Mrs O
Olgayans Akymba
Correct size, med strength dark black and Gold 2 year old female. The Most beautiful of heads with dark mask, dark eye with good ear set. Good length of neck into correct wither, strong straight back with good length and lay of croup. This young lady was not easy to assess as she was too focused on outside the ring and made her handler work hard to get the best out of her. When she relaxed she has the most lovely profile, slightly steep upper arm but of good length, good shoulder. Good underline, good turn of stifle but slightly long in her 2nd thigh but well-muscled. When settled she has a lovely powerful side gait and held her topline. Close away, ok back, would like to see her carrying a little more weight than she is currently but not in her full jacket which emphasises her condition. A lovely bitch who again needs training to be shown at her best. Did enough to be awarded RBB.
2nd Youngs Mrs S
Samphills Enya
20 month female, med size and strength Black and gold. Feminine head, good ear set, good length of neck into good wither, strong back and lumbar into good croup. Balanced fore and aft, well angulated. Would like tighter away movement, little narrow towards but pulling slightly, free and easy side gait with good extension and drive, strong but attractive female who needs a bigger ring to seen at her best I feel.
3rd O’Connel Mr K
Kingstown Scitty

1st Graduate Bitch - Olgayanas Rosalind

Limit Bitch 3-1AB
1st Latifi Mrs P
Danosof Ixi
Smaller sized bitch of med strength with lovely proportions, almost 2 years old red sable who was not in her best jacket today. Very pretty and feminine head, lovely dark eye, good ear set and assured expression. Correct wither, strong straight back and lumber with slightly short and steep croup. Lovely angle of upper arm and shoulder. Well angulated rear with short hocks, another that needs more training to be shown at her best so that she settles with her handler. Assessing her in movement was not an easy task for me or her capable young handler. Slightly close away but this may be due to pulling, ok toward, and when she eventually settled she showed a good strong side gait with good extension and drive but on occasions due to pulling and dropping into her collar she can flatten over her wither. Lovely female who needs to settle more in the ring.
2nd Wades Mr A Miss J Mitchel
Kassieger Irianne at Julianti
Upper med size, med strength strong but feminine 3 year old black and gold female. Normal wither, straight back, slightly long in loin, well moulded croup. Feet not her fortune, slightly steep upper arm but of good length, good shoulder. Good hind angle with enough turn of stifle. Ok away and back, showed a steady and sound side gait but lacked a little enthusiasm on the move.

1st Limit Bitch and Best Bitch - Danisof Ixi

Special long Coat Open 4-1Ab
1st Barnes S &K
Equiside Damira
Very feminine, black and tan med size, med strength Long Coat female with correct under coat. Another not in her best jacket today but enough to complete the picture. Classic head, well defined but not steep stop, pretty with good ear set. High wither in to straight back and lumbar, slightly steep croup but of good length. Slightly short and steep upper arm but good lay of shoulder, well angulated hind angles ,coat detracted over croup but hands on this proved to be just coat. Handler on occasion over exaggerated her topline in stance which spoilt an otherwise lovely overline. Her correct topline was evident however in movement, showing a free and easy side gait with excellent forward reach and drive, close away ok coming. Pleased to award her Best Long Coat.
2nd Gazjackhof Gypsy
3rd Mountain-Freeman Mrs M
Adelwin Isadora

1st Long Coat Open Bitch - Equiside Damira

Open Bitch 5-3Ab
1st Latifi Mrs P
4 year old black and tan, med size, med strength female. Strong but feminine head with dark mask and dark eye, good ear set. High wither, straight back with slight drop at lumbar, long but slightly steep croup. Slightly short but good angle of upper arm and correct shoulder, well angulated and balanced in profile, good height to length and clean underline. Little close away, ok coming, showed a free and easy side gait with good extension and drive, lovely female, close between her and RBB.
2nd O’Connell Mr K
Kingstown Scitty
Top size, med strength, paling black and gold 22 month old female. Feminine head with dark eye and good ear set. Straight back with slight nip in her overline. Slightly steep and short upper arm but shoulder ok, enough turn of stifle to give her balance. Sound away and ok coming but lacked both extension and drive in her gait. Well handled.

1st Open Bitch - Danisof Callista

Junior handlers 11 Year and Under
1st Tom James aged 10
A little unsure as to what was expected in the ring today but answered questions confidently and correctly. Did manage to get his dog into a show stance and with encouragement managed an away and back with a slow gait around the ring. Still a lot to learn but further training will see improvement, he had a good rapport with the dog. Well done

Junior Handler 12-16 years
1st Isabel Harris aged 14
Confident young handler who knows the routine, needs to concentrate on the job in hand at times and not who is watching on the outside. Confidently answered all questions and presented her dog in a correct show stance without exaggeration. Showed teeth with ease, moved her dog away in a lovely straight line but needs to look up before returning to see where the judge is to be able to come back towards the judge also in a straight line. When asked to move the dog at two speeds she did this without effort. Has the ability to be a very confident handler but just needs concentrate on the dog and judge alone and not outside the ring. Have faith in your own ability, very good. Best Junior Handler.
2nd Christopher Mountain Freeman age 13
Relaxed with his dog and answered his questions correctly, needs more confidence in his ability and to continue training. Was a little unsure of what was expected but this will come with practice and time. Almost set his dog in a show stance but needs to practice this without stacking, unsure what was meant with an away and back but did try. Well done.

PUPPY WALK (4-6 month old)

The following six puppies took part in the Puppy Walk at Derbyshire GSD Club Open Show on Saturday 4th August 2018:

Sharon Barnes - EQUISIDE NERA
Tony Wade & Julie Mitchell - JULANTI CALIANNA
Sharon Barnes – EQUISIDE NIKA
Philip & Diane James – JULANTI CITO

The puppies were all extremely well-behaved but with lot of energy which is to be expected of 4-6 month old puppies. They all had excellent temperaments and were generally sound. Their breeders and owners should be very proud of them and we all look forward to seeing them in the show ring in the next few months. Thank you to everyone for bringing their puppies to the show.

James O’Brien