Derbyshire German Shepherd Dog Club Championship Show 9.6.19.

Judge Anne Hardy.
Size should be of concern as should soundness with a few exceptions mouths were good.
In the challenge the scramble for handlers began and it hurts to say this but some very good dogs missed out because they were not handled as well as they could have been.

Veteran Dog (1)
1st Mr. Mrs. Etches Ethica Will B/G 8yrs. Masculine head and expression Good length of upper arm into a well placed shoulder. Nice clean topline , croup is of a good length and nicely angled Good breadth of thigh. Stands correctly front and rear. Presenting a nice clean outline. Movement at first was erratic but once he settled he had good reach and drive.

MPD (1)
Mr. Mrs. Gledhill’s Milanhugel Class Act , 8mth B/G Masculine
puppy with good length to height ratio. A well- placed shoulder, clean topline and a good breadth of thigh the top-line is clean the croup could be better angled and is a little short. Over stretched when stood which spoiled his profile. Short stepping and lost height at the wither when moving, once settled moved soundly.

Junior (4)
1st. Mrs. Robinson’s Hazelgrove Loki 17 mths . Masculine head and expression Straight front, nice feet. Good length and lay of upper arm into a well placed shoulder Topline is clean and the croup is a good length and well angled . Good breadth of thigh. Nicely proportioned animal. Moved out soundly and when asked extended nicely, keeping his height at wither on the move.
2nd Mr Mrs Pegg’s Dahlmann Hugo 17mths. B/T Masculine head and expression. Stands straight in front, upper arm is well angled and of a good length. Shoulder is well placed Topline is clean, croup is a good length but could be slightly better angled. In profile is a little longer cast than my first. Sound coming and going, when asked to extend did so effortlessly
3rd Mrs. Scott’s Iolanda Phoenix
4th Pucknell & Palmer’s Nellinka Christmas Hades

Sp. L/C Junior Dog (1)
1st Mr. Adamson’s Peterwell Tabu 12 ½ mths. Good masculine head and expression Well feathered with good bone. Good height to length ration with a well angled upper arm into a well placed shoulder Croup is slightly steep, good breadth of thigh Once settled moved out soundly and extended when asked although he lost his topline on the extended gait.

Yearling dog (2 ent 1 abs)
1st Mrs Belfield’s Kasseiger Hooch.18mths. Top size male Masculine head good expression Excellent length and lie of upper arm into a nicely placed shoulder Good clean lines. Croup is well angled and a good length. Good breadth of thigh . Going he was sound, coming slightly out on his left elbow. Well controlled slow gait, extending smoothly when asked. A little raw at the moment, still more to come.

Post Graduate dog (2)
1st Hall and Robinson’s Mirenhof Dexter Good masculine head and expression Excellent length and lie of upper arm into a well placed shoulder Good clean under and over line Stands straight in front and is correctly proportioned. Very good breadth of thigh Presents a correct profile. Moves out well and retains his topline.-Res. Best Dog.
2nd Stanley & Bibby’s Silkenwood Poldark of Blanik Top sized male with good masculine head and expression Straight when viewed from the front Slightly short upper arm into a well placed shoulder Clean topline, croup is of a good length and is well angled, Lacking coat. Short stepped when going out and slightly loose in pasterns, extended well when asked but dropped slightly on the left front forehand

Limit (5 ent 1 ab.)
1st Mr. Wakefield’s Wakematt Ned 3yrs. Correct proportions , size, height and length, Masculine head and expression. Straight when viewed from the front. Correct front and rear angulation. Clean lines, the croup is of a good length and nicely angled Good breadth of thigh. At first he put to much effort into his movement losing his topline slightly but then when settled and collected really moved well and when asked to extend had excellent reach and drive keeping his topline.
2nd Mr. Mullard & Mrs. Barnes - Kintaro Zaragoza Another dog of correct size with a good head and expression Feet slightly out when viewed from the front, the legs are straight. Very well angled upper arm of good length into a well- placed shoiulder. He is well proportioned and clean of line with a croup that is of a good length and well angled Good breadth of thigh . Controlled movement with good reach and drive. Topline rolled when asked to extend.
3rd Mesdmes Smith – Portnall Elrick Zu Saracol Top size male with a masculine head and expression Front is normal, slightly short in upper arm. Well placed shoulder with a nice clean overline the croup is of a good length and lie, with a good breadth of thigh Roots his tail on the move, keeps his height at the wither but the backline rolls .
4th Mrs. Williamson - Basko Vom Grafenbrunn

Special L/C Dog (2)
1st Mrs Bibby’s - Hazroh Zalu 3yrs. Nicely proportioned top size male. Masculine head and expression Good front and rear angulation, croup is good in both length and lie He keep his height at the wither at both speeds and his extension at the fast pace was excellent with no movement over his backline.
2nd Mrs Henderson’s - Hazroh Chris- Very similar to my winner in his critique and whilst he had good sound movement he did not have the extendion of gait that the first dog had.

Open Dog (8 ent 3 abs.)
1st Mrs T Jermey’s -Ch Hettel Di Casa Mary 4 yrs. Strong masculine head and expression. Legs are straight, feet slightly point out . Excellent front and rear angulation . The overline is clean and the length and lie of the croup is excellent Good breadth of thigh, presented in good condition Held his topline on the move and really opened up when asked to extend Best Dog and DCC and Best in Show.
2nd Mr. D Spence’s-Absela Loki 5yrs 4yrs Top-sized male with excellent masculine head and expression Good length and lie of upper arm with a well placed shoulder Nice clean overline croup which is correctly angled needs to be slightly longer Nice breadth of thigh Keeps his topline and wither height on the move. firm hocks and extended when asked.
3rd Mr. M. Wakefield’s Ch Jumbo Mater Domini
4th Mr. Pucknell &Palmer’s- Nellinka Golden Pride .

Veteran Bitch (4 ent 2 abs)
1st Mr. Mullard & Mrs. Barnes Ch. Fayrelander Xoe with Kintaro 10 yrs. Feminine head and expression Very nice feet Viewed from the front legs were straight . Good height to length ratio with a clean topline good breadth of thigh Went well.
2nd Mrs. B. MacKenzie- Ardenburg Jazz at Beeberhoos 7yrs. Feminine head and expression Nice length and lie of upper arm good wither height Topline is clean with a croup which is of a correct length and well angled. Her movement was erratic and hard to assess.

Minor P/B (6 ent.)
1st Mr Wakefield’s Wakematts Etna, 7mths Very glamorous feminine youngster She has good bone and very good front and rear angulation. Clean overline flowing into a well laid croup of good length At this stage of her development her proportions- height to length are excellent. Very straight and sound behind when moving away. Good stride pattern.
2nd Mrs Tootall’s Bygoly Typhoon Mit Wurzburg 8mths Feminine head and expression Very nice front good length of upper arm Good overline, croup could be slightly longer Excellent breadth of thigh, another one sound away and coming when she settled she exhibited good reach and drive.
3rd Mr. Spence - Gayvilles Wega.
4th Hall & Robinson - Vedamac Xena

Puppy Bitch (4ent.1 abs.)
1st Mr. Mrs Robinson.- Gayvilles Vogue 10 mths A very glamourous feminine youngster in full coat. Good neck flowing into a very clean topline . Good front and rear angulation and good breadth of thigh She was slightly stretched when in stance. Movement to and fro was sound and she exhibited excellent forward reach and drive when asked to extend .Best Puppy
2nd Mr. Turner-.Ylanris Paprika of Tasella,10mth Top size feminine bitch. Straight when viewed from the front with very good feet. Slightly short in upper arm she has a well placed shoulder, clean overline and correct length and lie of croup Hind angulation is good and movement is sound but did not have the drive and reach of the first.
3rd Miss Fisher - Kintaro Lady Sansa

Junior Bitch (6ent.3 Abs.)
1st Mr. Mrs Pegg - Dahlmann Helena 17mths. Very feminine head and expression Excellent upper arm into a well -placed shoulder Her bone is good Her front is straight with good feet Good height at the withers Her proportions are correct. the front and rear angulation are good. Movement was controlled and she can really extend when asked, keeping her topline all the time. Very sound
2nd Mrs Spelman - Nikonis Lyra 15mths Topsized sable Feminine head and expression Upper arm could be longer , shoulder is well placed front is straight but the feet are a little long. Nice topline the croup is a good length but could be better angled She exhibits sound movement and has a good extended gait, backline rolls when moving at speed.
3rd Pucknell & Palmer Nellinka Great Expectations

Sp.L/C Junior Bitch (4ent.1 ab.)
1st Miss Miller & T Green- Arrocheyn Kharma, 16mths. Feminine head and expression. Front are straight and feet are well shaped Upper arm is a correct length and lie. Good angulation front and rear. Clean topline which is complimented with a croup of good length and is well angled A good breadth of thigh and nice height to length proportions completes the picture as did her sound and powerful movement.
2nd Pucknell & Palmer- Nellinka Great Expectations 16 mths Good feminine head and expression. Upper arm is of a good length Overline is good the croup is short and steep Movement is sound.
3rd Mr & Mrs Barlow - Olgayan Thalia

Yearling Bitch (6 ent.)
1st Adamson/Bibby/ Gunner - Silkenwood Aria 22mths Beautiful feminine head and expression, good feet, nice straight front . Good bone Correct height to length ratio Good front and rear angulation the upper arm is of a good length and angled correctly Topline flows into the croup and she has a good breadth of thigh Kept her topline at all speeds and when asked to extend she really did.
2nd Misses Wall-Jones & Nicholson- Fairycross Sabine with Norwolf , 23 mths Astrong bitch Front is straight and feet are good Good front and rear angulation with a well-placed shoulder Clean overline and croup is well angled and of a good length Another with excellent movement 3rd Mrs Keen- Clokelly’s Zizi.
4th Mr. Mrs Barlow’s Olgayans Shakti

Post Grad Bitch 1st (9 ent. 3 ab.)
1st Miss Childs - Visanara Qadyra , 2 yrs Very feminine bitch with lovely clean lines. Would like a darker eye. Very good length and lie of upper arm. Croup is of correct length and angled well, she is nice and firm behind when going away an Correct height to length ratio and good front and rear angulation shows a nice side gait and extends and drives well.
2nd Mr. Mrs Etches.- Etchica Esta. Good feminine head and expression straight front and good feet Length and lie of upper arem is correct and shoulder is well placed Good front and rear angulation the croup is a good length but is a little flat Her height to length ratio is good with lovely clean lines Good firm movement with good extension and drive.
3rd Mr. Mrs Austen Draycore Izzi
4th Mrs Stanley - Blanik Jeevana

Limit Bitch (7ent. 2 ab.)
1st Mr Wakefield’s -Wakematt Juliette 2yrs Good feminine head and expression. Viewed from the front feet are good and legs are straight Good front and rear angulation Nice clean lines with an excellently angled croup of good length Clean lines and nicely proportioned Movement was sound and on the fast gait she had really good extension and drive. BCC and Best Opp. Sex
2nd Mr Mrs. Etches - Etchica Darli 4 yrs topsized feminine bitch Upper arm is a little short Good lay of shoulder A clean overline , Croup is of a good length and well angled Good breadth of thigh Once settled she showed sound movement.
3rd Mr. Mrs Gledhill. - Sadira Beau Vom Milanhugel.
4th Mr.& Mrs. Barlow.- Olgayan Rosalind.

Special L/C Bitch (2ent.)
1st Mr. Niblock - Ch Knockwood Wednesday 3yrs. Very feminine head and expression viewed from the front the feet are good and the legs are straight Very good length and lie of upper arm. Front and rear angulation is correct, clean lines, the length and lie of the croup is correct. Good breadth of thigh and firm hocks Keeps her topline on the move and extends and drives with purpose.
2nd Mrs. Mountain- Freeman - Adelwin Isadora 3 yrs Unable to assess this dog properly as she was obviously untrained. Carrying too much weight.

Open Bitch (7ent. 2ab.)
1st Mrs. T. Jermey - Ch. Draga Von Der Orangerie 4yrs Strong feminine bitch Good straight front Good front and rear angulation upper arm is of good length and lie Overline is clean and the croup is very well angled and of a good length. Breadth of thigh is good. Proportions are correct and she carried a full jacket. She showed controlled movement when she was stopped from pacing and very good extension and drive at the fast pace. Res Bitch CC.
2nd Mr. &Mrs Belfield - Ch Kassieger Antonia 4 yrs. Top sized feminine bitch with good expression. Stands straight in front Good height at wither and good front and rear angles Nice clean overline into a well laid croup of good length Good breadth of thigh. Once she was stopped pacing showed good control at a slow pace and good extension and drive at the fast pace.
3rd Mr. Niblock - Ch Knockwood Macey 3yrs. Feminine head and expression, correct sized bitch with very good height to length proportions Good upper arm and well placed shoulder with good front and rear angulation, overline was clean into a well laid croup of good length. In her individual showed strong controlled movement and was placed first. she paced and dropped to third but overall what a quality bitch.
4th Mr Mullard & Mrs Barnes - Kintaro Cataionia

PUPPY WALK ENTRIES: Kassieger Kaan, Silkenwood Karo, Burtonharvan Rayeh, Etchica Issi,
Samstag Chicci at Ralymin, Milanhugel Diamonds, Hazelgrove Maggie, Kassieger Kookie, Kassieger Kacie at Julanti.

Puppy Walk 9 entries – The puppies were obviously all at different stages of their development some much more mature and advanced than others. All were confident and reasonably easy to go over. Mouths were shown and again were at different stages. Most of them coped well with going away and coming toward and all of them seem to enjoy going around together. All in all a confident bunch of youngster and a credit to their owners.









J1 Tom James - 10 years old. He showed promise in handling his dog going away and back. He gaited the dog with confidence. All the questions were answered with a little prompting. Taking Tom’s age and size his showing of his dog was good. Well done. Best Child Handler.
J2 Maria Mountain-Freeman – 9 years old. Maria did not have control of her dog from the start; it slipped the lead several times. She was not familiar with her dog and did not give it any commands. She answered all the questions well. She needs lots of practice with her own dog. Reserve Best Child Handler.

J3 Elise Gledhill – 14 years old. She is a very confident and skilful young handler. She had the advantage of owning her dog with which she had an excellent bond. She was good in all executions of the commands she gave her dog. Elise answered all the questions with confidence. She will make an excellent handler in a few years’ time. Very well done. Best Junior Handler.
J4 Christopher Mountain-Freeman – 14 years old. Showed very willing to do well but he did not have full control of his dog. He knows exactly what to do but could not execute the commands he gave to his dog very well. He can be a good handler with practice. On the day he was up against a very good young handler, but still well done. Reserve Best Junior Handler.

All handlers did the best they could on the day. They had good support from the spectators who applauded them all. Thank you.


Derbyshire German Shepherd Dog Club Open Show 3.8.19.
Judge: Pat Latifi (Danisof)

Class 1 - V.Dog: No entries

Class 2 - Puppy Dog: 3 entries, 1 absent
1. Young, Absela Oscar. 6 months old, black and tan male, good head, dark eyes, well developed for one so young. Good over line into a good croup. Quality pup also Best Puppy Dog and BPIS.
2. Short, Kintaro Strictly Pasa Doble von Yehanoha. 8 and a half months old, black and tan, good head, ears need to firm. Nice over line and croup. Full dentition. Slightly loose behind, OK towards. Needs time to mature.

Class 3 – Junior Dog: 1 entered
1. Towning, Zandamar Dax. 14 month old, long coat, black and tan male. Good head, dark eye, correct dentition. Over line is slightly raised when on the move. He has a tendency to amble but when he did move he moved very well. Good angles behind and good front.

Class 4 – Special Long Coat Junior Dog: 1 entered
1. Towning, Zandamar Dax. As above and Best Long Coat

Class 5 – Graduate Dog: No entries

Clas 6 – Limit Dog: 2 entries
1. Smith, Portnall Elrich zu Sarocal. 3 and a half years old, top size, sable male. Masculine head and dark eyes. Correct dentition, high withers, correct away and back, correct movement, a super dog shown in excellent condition. Reserve Best Dog.
2. Scott, Iolanda Phoenix. 18 months old, black and tan. Masculine male, correct dentition, good over line, good front, sound away and back and moved very well.

Class 7 – Open Dog: 1 entered
1. Barnes and Mullard, Kintaro Zargoza. 3 year old male. Masculine with correct dentition, good over and under line. Straight hocks, moved soundly away and back. Well-muscled and was shown in excellent condition. Best Dog and BOS.

Class 8 – Veteran Bitch: 1 entered, 1 absent

Class 9 – Puppy Bitch: 4 entries
1. Young, Absela Ola. 6 months old, feminine head, correct dentition, lovely front for a female so young. Sound away and back and moved very well. BPB.
2. Fletcher, Samstag Chicci at Ralymin. 6 months old, black and tan, feminine head, correct dentition, slightly close away, good over and under line. Needs to mature a little but a lovely promising puppy.
3. Ashurst, Kintaro Strictly Rumba

Class 10 – Junior Bitch – 1 entered
1. Cave, Ballynabola Ria. 17 months old, long coat. Good head, normal wither, medium size however slightly short croup. Correct dentition, a very pretty girl.

Class 11 – Special Long Coat Junior Bitch – 2 entered
1. Cave, Ballynabola Ria. As above and Reserve Best Long Coat
2. Gasper, Hellanda von Gran Peregruno. 10 months old, black and tan with female head, normal withers, moved very well going away and back. First show so was a little unsettled but there is more to come from her. Best Long Coat Puppy

Class 12 – Graduate Bitch: 1 entry
1. Scott, Mystique vom Silkenwood. 2 years old. Good head and has a dark expression, dark eyes, good over and under line, well muscled, moved well, sound away and back. A lovely strong female that was shown in good condition. Reserve Best Bitch.

Class 13 – Open Bitch: 3 entries, 1 absent
1. Mullard and Barnes, Kintaro Cataionia. 3 and a half years old black and tan bitch. Feminine head, correct dentition, dark eyes, long neck into a good topline, short hocks, sound away and back. Holds topline on the move. Shown in immaculate condition and well deserved Best Bitch and BOB.
2. Scott, Starkherz Haida. 5 and a half years old sable bitch. Lovely feminine head and expression. Dark eyes, good over and under line and a good croup, however, moved a little stiffly today. I have to say that she is one that I have watched for a long time, she is a super bitch just today wasn’t her day.

Best of Breed - Kintaro Cataionia

Best Long Coat - Zandamar Dax

Best Puppy - Absela Oscar

Best Long Coat Puppy - Hellada V. Gran Peregrino

11 years and under – 1 entry
1. Maria Mountain-Freeman, 9 years old. She is still a little uncertain and her dog was hard for her to handle. She tried really hard to show her dog, keep working hard Maria. Reserve Best Junior Handler.

12 to 16 years – 1 entry
1. Christopher Mountain-Freeman, 14 years old. He is a very confident young man who showed his dog with skill. Well done Christopher. Best Junior Handler.

Best Junior Handler - Christopher Mountain-Freeman
Many thanks to the committee and all the exhibitors. I had a lovely day.

Judge: Diane James (Phenaid)

2 entries, 1 absent.

Cave, Ballynabola Naya. 5 and a half months old puppy. She is a lovely feminine puppy with the sweetest of temperaments. She did everything that was asked of her without hesitation, including showing her teeth, which is remarkable for one so young. She is sound and moved beautifully around the ring. It was a pleasure to go over her, thank you for bringing her to the show.